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ViA Heat - Five Elements

THE HEAT IS ON! The ViA HEAT drinking bottle with its extra-strong, double-walled glass keeps your hot drink warm longer thanks to its insulating effect.

Five Elements - Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Chalcedony, Petrified Wood & Ocean Agate

For Grounding, Harmony, Strength, Reflection & Growth

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Structured Water

Thermal shock resistant, double-walled glass insulates cold and hot drinks. Stays cool to the touch.

Enjoy your loose leaf tea with the (optional) large capacity, stainless steel tea strainer.

Choose one of 12 traditional gemstone blends.

Open you bottle with ease while your drink is still warm.

Use the glass insert of your regular ViA bottle for ViA HEAT. They are fully compatible.

Stop using paper cups from your coffee shop and let them fill your ViA HEAT instead.

Our 12.2 fl.oz. insulating glass bottle with a holistic blend of genuine crystals is the perfect companion to infuse your warm or cool drink with positive energy on-the-go. Naturopathic doctors have been using the vibrant energy of precious stones to prepare potent crystal elixirs for their therapies for many years. With the help of gemologists and naturopaths we’ve reinterpreted this tradition and created a select number of unique crystal blends aimed at specific crystal attributes.

FIVE ELEMENTS. Traditional Chinese medicine has developed over 5,000 years and sees health as a harmonious balance of five elements: Wood for growth, water for reflection, earth for grounding, metal for strength and fire for passion. Every person is a unique blend of these elements. Following this ancient philosophy, we have included one kind of gem for each element in this blend to reflect each attribut

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Chalcedony, Petrified Wood & Ocean Agate

Comes with
Glass bottle, Silicone lids with FlexiLid™ technology,
Wellness GemPod
*Tea strainer is NOT included, can be purchased seperately.


Product Dimensions
Height: 22.5 cm
Diameter: 7.0 cm
Volume: 360 ml
Double-walled borosilicate glass, Gemstones, Silicone, BPA-free plastic
Glass cylinder dishwasher-proof, Handwash lids and GemPod, Disassemble GemPod before cleaning