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Q: If I don’t know which vial to choose, what would you recommend?

A: We often advise our customers to trust their intuition, based on the images you see of the blends online, or if you would like to visit us at our showroom, to get a feel of the crystal blends, in person. Others prefer to read what each stone can do for them and we have prepared a chart for review here:  benefits of each crystal and blend, and here is the link to the PDF copy

Q: Since all the crystals don't touch my drinking water, how does it 'charge' my water?

A: It is able to do it, firstly because VitaJuwel products use lead-free glass. Lead is responsible for beautiful 'bubble-free glass', and when used it creates a barrier, prohibiting the energy signature of the crystals to be transferred to the water. 

So technically while it doesn't touch the water directly, it transfers the information across the lead-free glass. 


"Water can be changed in structure without any change in composition".

Except and photo from "The structure of liquid water: It's relevance to homeopathy, ultradilute sols (or colloids), and imprinted waters" - by Rustum Roy

Q: I have shipping concerns. Where can I find out more information?

A:  We have a guide to local shipping, international shipping and the couriers we use. Please find that on this page.

Q: Can I use my tumbled/ raw crystals directly in my water?

A: We don’t advise you to do this. While quartz and other crystals used in the blends are practically insoluble in water, there are trace minerals that could be embedded in it, such as traces of toxic minerals, or other heavy metals that could contaminate the drinking water.

When you allow the crystals used to stay in the water for a few days, they become ‘slimy’ and will need to be cleaned.

This method of sealing up the crystals is hygienic, and VitaJuwel uses lead-free glass, which allows the crystals to transfer their energy signature to the water crystals. Which makes it easy and safe for anyone to enjoy the benefits of gem-water.

Q: What are some of the advantages of using VitaJuwel?


  • Safe, hygienic handling
  • No risk from chemical impurities
  • No bacterial contamination by dirty stones
  • No potential poisoning by pollutant discharge
  • No accidental damage caused by stone chips
  • Universal application, especially in drinking water
  • easy maintenance and easy cleaning

Q: How much do VitaJuwel vials cost?

A: The Phiolino, a travel sized vial that can be used in water as well as wine costs $98. The Wellness Vial starts at $155 and prices range depending on the crystals up to $588. The ViA waterbottles start from $145. The GranFontana 5L start at $998.

Q: How do I use VitaJuwel?

A: If you are using a vial/Phiolino, fill your decanter or glass with water and place your VitaJuwel vial/Phiolino inside.

If you have a ViA Waterbottle, make sure your gem pod is firmly in place, pour in your drinking water and enjoy.

After 7-10 minutes, the water will be restructured. 

Q: Where is VitaJuwel produced?

A:VitaJuwel products are hand-made in Bohemia, using lead-free glass.

Q: What kind of packaging does VitaJuwel vials come in?

A: Each VitaJuwel vial comes in an elegant black box, with foam to protect the glass from damage. This is a unique and exclusive gift for every occasion.

Q: What kind of water should I use with my VitaJuwel vial?

A: Use the same type of water that you always drink. If you are used to drinking filtered water, filter the water then add your VitaJuwel wand for 7-10minutes and allow the water crystals to be transformed.

While scientific reports have concluded that harmful substances are lowered as compared to the original specimen of water provided, VitaJuwel energises and restructures water, it is not a water filter.

  Q: What is the difference to wine when I energise it with a Phiolino?

A: Ancient Greeks recognized the special effect of amethysts with wine. While it will not be infused with the bouquet of a "century wine", from a moderate wine, fine wines energised with the Phiolino experience a unique finishing.

Selected wineries and professional sommeliers energized wine with the VitaJuwel Phiolino.

Q: Do my VitaJuwel vials/ water bottles/gem-pods require cleansing?

A: Yes, you can cleanse it with mild soap, and water. The energy from the crystals make the water stay 'fresh' for longer. However, if you are drinking from the ViA water bottle, you will need to wash it every day.

However, if you are asking about 'spiritual cleansing', we understand from the manufacturers that the energy of the crystals in the vial/ water bottle are stable and do not require any 'cleansing'.

Q: How long do the crystals in the VitaJuwel Vial/ ViA Waterbottle last?

A: The crystals are sealed in glass and do not come into contact with air or your drinking water. They last for as long as the glass does not break. The bottle, its seals and vial are also subject to usage. For the bottle we do sell replacement empty bottles, caps, and silicon seals. Please call us to enquire.

Q: What are the types of water energisers does VitaJuwel have to offer?

A: We have 5 types, you can read more about the complete VitaJuwel family here

For those who enjoy wine, the vial Vino contains amethyst, which has been used for centuries to lessen the ill-effects of alcohol, and in this case makes good wine taste better. The wine decanter is also available.

The Phiolino which is a personal travel sized water energiser that can energise water as well as wine. This blend is the only type that comes in this size.

The VitaJuwel Vials which fit into a decanter, they are typically 34cm -38cm in length. These should be used with glass decanters, and we recommend using a chain to keep the vial from falling out and in place when you pour a glass of vitalised water!  We also have stock of lids that have a groove to allow the VitaJuwel vial to sit properly inside the decanter. There are many blends in this format, you can choose the blend that would suit you best. These make exclusive gifts and useful additions for every home and office!

The VitaJuwel ViA, which are water bottles that contain approximately 500ml of water. They are really handy and elegant at the same time. They fit into cup holders in cars, and backpacks, making this the perfect companion on your commute! Water on the go!

The way the water bottles have been designed is such that the gem pod which is attached to the bottom cap can be unscrewed for easy washing. You can also purchase another blend by purchasing just the Gem-Pod you would like to try next!

We have the same blends that come in vials, you can choose the blend that would suit you best.


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