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What is Structured Water?

 The easiest way to understand the difference between structured and unstructured water is with this story.

Let's think of water as a pencil and compare it to a diamond.

Essentially, both are made of carbon ( same element) but the structure of each determines the use, the 'look' and of course the price. 

With water, unlike carbon, it's almost impossible to differentiate. It looks and feels the same; transparent and liquid. 

However, be very aware, they are different. Structured water behaves differently. 

Structured water is also known as hexagonal water, vortexed water, EZ ( exclusionary zone) water, structured water is the kind of water we are made of, which is why our bodies recognise it when we drink it. 

What destroys the structure of water is processing, and travelling through pipes to our homes. In nature, water travels by meandering; it spirals along rivers and streams, charged by the spiralling action of the water, charged by the energies of Mother Earth, just as the waters from wells were from generations past. 

Presently, water has to be treated, recycled even to filter out containments, for human consumption. What this provides, is bulk water; processed and clean, but not in the way our bodies were designed to assimilate it.

The form of water that our bodies recognise and assimilate easily has a molecular structure of H3O2.

It's 10% more dense than H20 and has more dissolved oxygen. Structured water is hydrating, energised water found everywhere in nature, from waterfalls, rivers, and oceans, to plants, animals and humans. 

Discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington, H3O2 is referred to as the 4th Phase of water, a form of water that is beyond liquid, solid and vapour. 

There are numerous ways you can structure water. Here at VitaJuwel, we use the power of crystals that has similar hexagonal molecular arrangements to transfer their energy signature to water. This is done through lead-free glass, with a process called epitaxy. The crystals contain and emit a stable electromagnetic frequency that creates a structural change in the water, just by being next to it. And these can pass through the glass pod or vial to affect our drinking water in a positive way that our bodies can assimilate. 

Most can taste the difference after they have tried using one or more of our VitaJuwel bottles or vials. 

Structured Water is

  • water that is arranged in a geometric hexagonal shape
  • bioavailable & hydrating
  • negatively charged
  • is a liquid crystal-which means it has the potential to interact with electromagnetic fields of energy

Here is a video clip from Water, the Documentary. 


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