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Inu - StarFyre

Contains Lavender Rose Quartz x Pietersite
Resilient & Disciplined

This is a warming blend to kick start the process of defrosting and emerging out of hibernation.

Lavender Rose Quartz aids the activation of your sacred Hearts to expand and experience a deeper love & connection with yourself and others. Great for those seeking a mature and resilient heart as we navigate through demanding relationships and torrid experiences.

The perfect companion stone to Lavender Rose Quartz is the charming Pietersite. Connected to the heart is the lungs and to the lungs is the skin. This stone helps you to breathe better; stretching the lungs and in turn aids skin conditions. Also helpful for those who are scattered and are seeking the ability to be attentive & disciplined to attain goals.

How to choose a blend for ME?

Allow your eyes and heart to lead you to the blend that best suits you. Allow yourself to choose what you need, rather than what you want. 😉

How to choose a gift?

Water is Life. What better gift can you offer someone than the gift of Life and Love. This is what VitaJuwel represent.

To pick a blend for someone, simply think of the person and notice which blends come to mind and begin to narrow down from there.

With our unique blends, you can never make a mistake!


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