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Inu - Aurora Dawn

ContainsStrawberry Quartz x Labradorite|
Love & Protection

Strength and courage stem from a deep place within the heart. It is borne out of Love, feelings of gratitude and deep reverence for all of life, and an appreciation that all of Life is interconnected.

"The Door to Positive Being, must be opened through the Heart."

Strawberry Quartz to protect the Heart and strengthen the immune system via the thymus gland situated in the center of the chest. Helpful for sensitive ones or those that tend to give more than they receive. Assisting the heart to strengthen and mature.

Labradorite is a great protector of the aura and chakras by deflecting negative energies. This stone of magic also ignites creativity, imagination, clarity, connection & awareness our body and feelings.

How to choose a blend for ME?

Allow your eyes and heart to lead you to the blend that best suits you. Allow yourself to choose what you need, rather than what you want. 😉

How to choose a gift?

Water is Life. What better gift can you offer someone than the gift of Life and Love. This is what VitaJuwel represent.

To pick a blend for someone, simply think of the person and notice which blends come to mind and begin to narrow down from there.

With our unique blends, you can never make a mistake!

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