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What is Structured Water and its Benefits

No more #plasticBottles!

Structured water is molecular arrangement of water molecules in a geometric pattern. It is the water that is found in nature.

A few generations ago, our forefathers gathered water from wells, from rivers and streams, which has completed the natural water cycle and been naturally filtered and charged by Mother Earth.

Fast forward to the present. Some of us are fortunate to have clean water to drink. Even with our additional home filters and enhancers, our drinking water is dead. If you drink bottled water or water from the tap, the structure of the water would have become fragmented, or even broken; leaving you feeling thirsty even after drinking lots of water.

Water is not meant to be bottled in plastic or travel in straight lines. When it does, the structure of the water breaks down.

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Crystals, unlike us, have a consistent energy signature, which can be used, just like Mother Earth, to imprint onto your drinking water. Water is extremely receptive to energy, and restructures itself into a beautiful, geometrically shaped crystal, best seen after it is frozen and photographed.


The energy signature/ vibrations from the crystal are able to be transferred from the crystals to the water by a process called epitaxy, which is the process of transferring structural information from one liquid (or solid) to another liquid.

"Water can be changed in structure without any change in composition".

And these energy signatures can pass through the glass because it is lead-free, which does not block the energy from being passed through.


The VITAjuwel method

Naturally, the gems are safe inside a glass vessel, or pod, while preserving their unique effect on the water, protecting you from possible contaminants in the gems that may leech out into your drinking water.

The Truth About Water

A large percentage of our body is made up of water. Nothing affects our well-being more than the quality of water we drink.


Understanding the Water Within Your Cells

Water is an important building block in every single cell in your body. The water inside our cells are made up of structured water, and most times we are consuming bottled or tap water; water that the body does not easily use, leaving us feeling:

  • dehydrated,
  • with lower energy levels,
  • less concentration,
  • constipated and with more digestive issues.


Researchers some time ago, discovered some time ago that structured water features a hexagonal sillhouette. VitaJuwel sent samples of their water to Insititute Hagalis, an international research laboratory, and the results showed that VitaJuwel gemwater:
• neutralises harmful substances
• improves the pH-value and oxygen content of the water

Different ways of structuring water. At home, or on-the-move!

Vials & Accessories

ViA Bottles

Travel Droplet

For Wine

Different Gemwater Blends Available

How to Use

Brew tea in your water bottles;

Hot Water in the office;

In your cooking & water for herbal soups;

Used to clean sensitive skin;

Used in a spray for a hydrating facial mist;

Use with wine & whisky to enhance the flavours