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ViA - Vitality

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Emerald crystal has been a source of fascination in many cultures for over six thousand years and was considered a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt. This precious gem is widely sought after for its ability to strengthen the heart, spine and lungs. It has been used to enhance memory, intelligence and discernment. Drink this blend to revitalize your body and mind. Become vital!

 Benefits of Emerald: 

  • treats disorders of the heart, lungs, spine and muscular system
  • aids in recovery after infectious illness
  • helps sinuses
  • soothes the eyes, improving vision
  • detoxifying effect on the liver
  • alleviates diabetes and rheumatism
Benefits of Clear Quartz: 
  • Clarity, awareness, neutrality.
  • Strengthens perception, attentiveness, memory and understanding.
  • A good distributor of energy, lowers high temperatures; alleviates pain.
  • Harmonizes the brain, nerves, harmonial and water balance in the body.
  • Good for the skin, hair and nails.
  • Increases the effects of other crystals.

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Important please note:

Crystals are natural, and each piece is unique and will vary in shape, size and colour.

Water also visually magnifies what is inside.

Photographs are for illustration purposes and they may not accurately show the true colours of the crystal combinations. 

Information on the effect of crystals and gems on the body have not been evaluated by any medical institute or government body. VitaJuwel cannot guarantee results with any gem or crystal. Gems or crystals are not a replacement for professional medical advice and treatment.

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Crystals are natural products and may vary in size, shape and color.


How soon can I get my order?

A: After we carefully pack your order, our designated courier will pick up the order from our warehouse. From that point, it takes approximately 2 working days for it to reach you. Please read our Shipping page for more information.

Why do you use designated couriers instead of SingPost?

A: To ensure your products are safely sent to you, we use trusted couriers to send your new VitaJuwel products to you. Tracking is also provided.

Will my bottle look identical to what's shown on your website?

A: Crystals are naturally unique, and they vary in size, colour and shape. Water can also magnify the gems in the pod inside.

Photographs are for illustration purposes and they may not accurately show the true colours of the crystal combinations.

Can I view the products in a showroom?

A: We do not have a showroom at this time.

Why lead-free glass?

A: Lead-free glass allows the unique vibration of the crystal blends to restructure your drinking water. This is not possible with normal glass or plastic.

Can I self collect?

A: We do not offer self collection.

Taxes & Duties for International Shoppers

A: All taxes and duties are borne by the buyer. Please check your local tax office to find out what the costs are.

What does it mean by Manufacturers Warranty?

A: We offer a 6 month manufacturers warranty on VitaJuwel products. If you notice a defect, please document the issue and highlight it to us by sending us an email using the order confirmation, or send us a What'sApp message on +6586932355.

Procedure for Claim: In the unfortunate and rare event that the product arrives broken.

A: Please open your order immediately, and report any issues within 1 working day. Please contact us using the confirmation email you received when placing the order, or What's App +65 8693 2355. Please include a clear photograph of the item next to the packaging, where the damage and packaging can be seen. Please read our Returns page for more detailed information.