Garnet • Rose Quartz • Clear Quartz

Emotional healing; fostering good relationships, sensuality and passion

Rose quartz, the quintessential stone of love, tenderness and healing is matched with the fiery Garnet, to lace this potion with passion and sensuality. The fair and lovely rose quartz is a talisman for relationships and is used in crystal healing to release emotional wounds and traumas and to bring peace and calm. The Garnet adds qualities of positivity & hope, as well as a stable calming vitality to those who need emotional support and love, the garnet promotes feelings of security and ease, in a heartbeat!

Rose Quartz:
Strengthens the heart, aids blood circulation & reproductive organs, encouraging fertility in women. Makes skin soft & velvety.

Assists tiredness & exhaustion. Supports circulation and quality of blood. Assists to regain muscular strength and supports the immune system. Helps with will power, courage, and to relax and enjoy quality of life.

Clear Quartz:
Distributes energy, creates harmony between other crystals. Increases the effect of other crystals.

Love ViA

$145.00 SGD

• GemPod with semi-precious, tumbled gemstones
• Lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle
• Top & bottom stainless steel caps w/BPA-free plastic lining
• Holds 500ml

Add Loops

For those who feel like they want a little extra protection for their ViA Gem-Water Bottle. This matte-textured silicone LOOP covers both the top and bottom stainless steel caps of your VitaJuwel ViA Gem-Water Bottle. 

LOOPS are available in 2 colors:

  • Black
  • Cloud White (Translucent)

$25.00 SGD

Add T - Strainer

Custom-infuse your gem-water on-the-go. Prepare your favorite drink, hot or cold. Add tea, fruit, ginger, herbs—whatever you enjoy—and enhance your VitaJuwel gem-water experience!

$28.00 SGD

Love Vial

$175.00 SGD

• Lead-free, hand blown glass Vial with semi-precious, tumbled gemstones
• Crafted in Bohemia by master Czech glass blowers

Add Era Decanter 1.3L

$123.00 SGD



Era 1.3L Decanter




Add Grande Dispenser 7L

7L dispenser designed to suspend the gem vial from its lid!

$538.00 SGD



Grande 7L Dispenser




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