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Step 1:

Purchase Your Era Decanter


A sleek and modern new way to serve gem-water. Our brand new Era Decanter comes with a lid that was specially designed to hold your VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial in place. It’s hand-blown, and also dishwasher safe.

Holds 1.3L

NOTE: Gemstone Vials sold separately

Step 2:

Pick Your Vial

Wellness Gentle Detoxification & Inner Harmony

Love Emotional Healing; Harmonous Relationships $175

Balance- Restores inner balance & improves communication $175

Luna - Intuition & regulating the woman's cycle $211

Five Elements Gentle & Grounding $175

Happiness - A warming blend that opens you to joy, abundance and allowing flow in your life $211

 Guardian For Protection & Purification $211

Vitality Regain physical strength $211

Inspiration Supports Creativity & Wisdom $311

Forever YoungRelax, Detox and clear out the stress $211

Diamonds Mental Clarity & Divine Connection

Focus Grounding & Supportive of all major body systems $211

Golden Moments Regeneration $588

Jubilee Ayurveda- Balacing the Dhatus -$311

Vino - Makes Wine Smoother - $245