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About VitaJuwel


Nine years ago, VitaJuwel revolutionized the method of energising water with gemstones, in elegant lead-free glass vials, water bottles and dispensers. The founder's vision of providing as many people around the world with homemade gem water, that is easy to prepare, hygienic and effective started more than 20 years ago. 

His guiding principles were not to use artificial, chemical, mechanical or generally men-made tools to improve the water‘s quality but exclusively to rely on natural, fairly traded crystals and to use traditions that were practiced by millions of people over thousands of years.

He tirelessly worked with researchers from around the world, partnered with  Hado Life Europe laboratory to provide photographic studies on the effects of gemstones with water. Today he is still focused bringing us elegant, visually appealing and effective gemstone products.

VitaJuwel has been used in many spas, doctor's waiting rooms, alternative practitioner‘s offices, beauty salons and restaurants and bars around the world. Gem vials, waterbottles and gem water dispensers by VitaJuwel are synonyms for health and wellness.

-Ewald Eisen, Founder of VitaJuwel


VitaJuwel is distributed in Singapore by Full Circle SG, a curator of unique crystals and healing stones for wellness. 

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