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Using gems and crystals to energise water is an age old tradition, dating back to ancient Greece. Gems emit a vibration that is able to imprint its patten onto the water crystals, making it 'softer', 'tastier' ( some of the adjectives used by our customers) and 'easier' to drink.

Nine years ago today, VitaJuwel reinvented this method, making it hygienic and safe for everyday use, by encasing the gems in lead-free glass, so that the energetic blueprint of the crystals can be transferred to your drinking water, while you are kept safe from the heavy metals and other impurities that may be present in the crystals.

Please meet our range of lead-free glass vials, and accompanying accessories. 

Many have asked us how to choose the right bottle for them, please read the guide on how to choose your blend here.

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