Emoto Crystals

Our daily ambition is to strengthen awareness in every person on how pure and fresh water deeply affects our health. The works of the leading expert in water, Dr. Masaru Emoto, impressively show us again and again the astonishing effects of external influences on water. As part of the cooperation between us and Dr. Masaru Emoto we soon experienced by watching his early results that the water crystal photographs in combination with our gemstone vials turned out to be true pieces of art. The photos impressively documented the process of water getting “in form” by our vials.

We are now proud to present the thrilling results of our partnership with Dr. Masaru Emoto: These unique, individually crafted vials with blends of gemstone we – together with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s laboratory - believe to be especially suited to make you even more aware for the treasures of gem water! Let yourself be inspired by the EmotoCrystals by VitaJuwel.

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