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inu! Crystal Water Bottle - Ocean Blue

$99.00 SGD
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Comes Prefilled with Clear Quartz

Other Gemstone Mixes: 
Inner Strength - Sodalite, Aquamarine, Blue Apatite
In the FlowBlue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, Aventurine
Ascension: Super 7

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Crystals are natural products and may vary in size, shape and color.

What is inu?

inu! [”ee-noo”, Hawaiian: “to drink”] is a versatile, BPA-free glass bottle with a chamber for precious crystals. Crystals infuse your water with subtle vibrations: Thus “crystal water”.

inu! features a sacred flower of life symbol for even more positive energy.

16.9 fl.oz. | pre-filled with clear quartz


Breathe life into your water!

Everything in nature has its own subtle, vibrant energy. Healers and naturopathic doctors are using the vibrations of precious stones to prepare potent crystal elixirs with a carefully-selected combination of different stone types for their gemstone therapies.

We’ve reinterpreted this age-old tradition and - based on decades of research - created a number of unique blends as add-ons for your inu!

Available in 4 Colours

Comes prefilled with clear quartz.
Or choose from unique blends available for your chosen inu. You may wish to purchase them seperately here

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DIY: Do-it-yourself

We designed inu! to maximize your options for creating your individual crystal water experience. inu!’s crystal chamber has a removable lid to switch the stones according to your preference. The chamber is totally separated from the water to prevent contamination.