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This amazing blend supports beauty from within. The combination of Amethyst, Aventurine and Rose Quartz makes a power skin elixir. This blend assists skin inflammation, detoxification and elasticity of the skin. Regain your youthful glow with Beauty! Numerous spas have integrated this as a permanent part of their beauty program.

 Benefits of Amethyst:

  • Improves the brain, nerves, and lungs.
  • Helps the skin and intestinal tract.
  • Releases tension, helps with pain, bruising and swelling.
  • Assists to lower blood pressure.

Benefits of Aventurine:

  • Aids recovery, regeneration, & getting healthy sleep.
  • Helps with nervousness, stress and pain.
  • Alleviates skin eruptions, itching, allergies & inflamation.

Benefits of Rose Quartz:

  • Strengthens the heart,
  • Assists blood circulation,
  • Aids the supply of blood to the tissues
  • Helps the reproductive organs,
  • Encouraging fertility in women.
  • Makes skin soft & velvety
  • Other characteristics include warmth, love, empathy, sensitivity, sensuality & romance.
  • Makes one aware of one’s own needs.

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