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The healing powers of crystals have been known for thousands of years, their use can be traced as far back as 1st century AD, when Greek physician and father of pharmacology, Pedanios Discorides, used crystals to assist in the healing of patients.

Crystals have a consistent energy signature, which can be imprinted onto your drinking water. These vibrations from the crystal are able to be transferred through the glass because it is lead-free, the glass does not block the energy from being passed through the physical barrier. Water is extremely receptive to energy, and restructures itself into a beautiful, geometrically shaped crystal, best seen after it is frozen and photographed. 

All the VitaJuwel blends are used primarily to restructure the water first, and then to imprint their unique energy signature onto water crystals, which you will consume and benefit from. If you drink bottled water or from the tap, (even if it has passed through a conventional filter) the structure of the water would have become fragmented, leaving it clean, but 'dead' see the bottom left picture)

Water loses its structure (you can watch the video here on that), when it travels through multiple right angled turns. It breaks down, as it travels through our modern water supply system. In nature, rivers and streams always flow along a smoothly curving course. The restructured water, is easily absorbed into our body. 

With VitaJuwel, anyone can prepare gem water. Since the crystals are contained in a glass vial or pod, there is no risk of contamination from treated crystals or heavy metals that may be present in the stones. There are 17 blends to choose from, many have asked how they may choose a blend - one that is right for them, after all there are many options, you can read more in the guide to choosing the right blend here.

How do you prepare? 

Pour your drinking water into a VitaJuwel product of your choice, wait 7-10 minutes for the water to be restructured, and enjoy!  

The VitaJuwel Family - Complete Line of Products Availble

1. For those who enjoy wine, the vial Vino contains amethyst, which has been used for centuries to lessen the ill-effects of alcohol, and in this case makes good wine taste better. The wine decanter is also available.

2. The Phiolino which is a personal travel sized water energiser that can energise water as well as wine. This blend is the only type that comes in this size.

3. The VitaJuwel ViA, which are water bottles that contain approximately 500ml of water. They are really handy and elegant at the same time. They fit into cup holders in cars, and backpacks, making this the perfect companion on your commute! Water on the go!

3a. The way the water bottles have been designed is such that the gem pod which is attached to the bottom cap can be unscrewed for easy washing. You can also purchase another blend by purchasing just the Gem-Pod you would like to try next!

4. The VitaJuwel Vials which fit into a decanter, they are typically 34cm -38cm in length. These should be used with glass decanters, and we recommend using a chain to keep the vial from falling out and in place when you pour a glass of vitalised water!  We also have stock of lids that have a groove to allow the VitaJuwel vial to sit properly inside the decanter. There are many blends in this format, you can choose the blend that would suit you best. These make exclusive gifts and useful additions for every home and office!

We have the same blends that come in vials, you can choose the blend that would suit you best.

5. The VitaJuwel Grandfontana, which energise up to 5L but they come in 4 blends, Wellness, Five Elements, Balance and Sunny Morning. These elegant pieces are a feature in spas, hotels and offices.

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